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PROMOTER -  Information technology, research and innovation

Promoter is an innovative company where new technologies and experienced know-how collide.
Based near to Pisa, Promoter was founded in 1996 joining together competencies and experiences in the areas of information & communication technologies, multimedia innovation, business promotion and project management.

Promoter operates, with an open and coordinated approach, in several fields as technical development of ICT platforms and web-design, multimedia production, electronic, online and traditional publishing, corporate consulting, online advertising, dedicated online services for the promotion of culture and tourism.
Prestigious Culture and Research Institutes as well as private enterprises in Europe and worldwide had Promoter as technical coordinator and consultant to assist their projects for improving innovation.

Software development, system design, technology transfer, academy/industry collaboration, business architecture, consultancy and project management - with wide experience on the management of EU projects - represent the main expertise of the company.
Promoter's general management is composed of skilled professional people who have been managing or contributing to EU projects since the early 1990s, in different sectors belonging to several programs as Esprit, ACTS, eContent, eTen, CIP, RTD Framework Programmes FP5, FP6 and FP7 and R&I Programme Horizon 2020.
Beyond EU projects, as time went by the company has become a trusted player on the international scene of technological development and innovation.
Joint Actions
MIBAC (Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities) and ICCU (Central Institute for Unique Catalogue of Italian Libraries), Rizzoli Corriere della Sera, Engineering spa, University of Padua, IRST Research Centre in Trento in Italy, University of Coventry (UK), IFITT International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism and EC3 eCommerce Competence Centre in Vienna, Austria, NDAP Head Office of State Archive of Poland, University of Kazan (Russia), Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Peking University (China), Chasen Group (Singapore), Fondazione Sistema Toscana (Italy), Municipality of Anagni (Italy) and many others successfully cooperated with Promoter in the last 16 years.

Cultural engagement
Promoter is a member of Michael Culture Association, supporting European cultural heritage by supporting and valorising digitization and dissemination activities towards a European and worldwide audience.
Promoter is also a member of the Advisory Board of "Uncommon Culture", a journal which provides unique perspectives on a rich variety of cultural activities in Europe.

Promoter is a member of "Polo di Innovazione ICT-Robotica", an initiative created under the supervisor of "Regione Toscana" with the participation of the Technological Center of Navacchio, all Tuscan universities, the CNR, the "Scuola Superiore S. Anna" and several Service Centers of the various regional territories.

Promoter is a member of the Tuscany Region's short list of external subjects interested in establishing public-private partnerships coordinated by the Tuscany Region and finalized at participation in the calls, that are part of the programs directly managed by the European Commission.

Promoter is a member of "Polis - Polo delle Tecnologie per una Città Sostenibile". The innovation cluster, promoted by a partnership of research organizations and service centers in Tuscany, aims to aggregate stakeholders to provide integrated services to the Tuscany SME's related to energy, sustainable building, mobility and cultural heritage.

Promoter is member of APRE Toscana Regional Committee, a network composed of institutions, associations and private companies, with the aim of promoting participation to EC research programmes.

Promoter is a member and active part of the IPOCH2, the Italian Platform fOr Cultural Heritage [& enHancement]promoted by "Confindustria Servizi Innovativi", "Confcultura" and "MIUR". To the platform are involved companies, Universities, Research Centres, associations, as well as regional and national museums and institutions, for a total of more than 300 italian entities. 

Promoter is a member of HarmoNET Association - the Harmonisation Network for the Exchange of Travel and Tourism Information (www.harmonet.org). HarmoNET is an international network bringing together people or organisations with an interest in the topic of harmonisation and seamless information exchange in travel and tourism. HarmoNET provides unique technologies and services enabling an easy, affordable and fast information exchange. HarmoNET supports the exchange of ideas about latest developments in this sector by organising conferences, seminars, workshops and training on this topic.

Promoter is a founding member of the International Consortium for Photographic Heritage - Photoconsortium association. Antonella Fresa is the vice president while Manuele Buono is the secretary of the association. Photoconsortium is partner of the Digital Service Infrastructure - Europeana core services (CEF DSI-2 2016-2017) project and Promoter provides technical support to the content providers and coordinates the Photoconsortium partners in the context of the DSI project.

Last but definitely not least, Promoter's portal www.digitalmeetsculture.net is accounted as a remarkable meeting point for collecting and sharing information and events about the digital culture.


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