Turin, 29 June 2015: constructing an international model for an eSchool in DCH

NetworkOn Monday 29 June 2015, the networked school of digital cultural heritage, arts and humanities was presented at the Aula Magna Cavallerizza Reale of Turin's University. It is an Italian model, conceived on a European and international perspective, grouping together over fifty organisations with the aim of creating a "scattered campus", able to activate a nationally coordinated training offer which constructs a complex of digital competences. Promoter SRL is among the participating institutions, signatory of the Networked Agreement.

The day opened with interventions by Gianmaria Ajani, Dean at Turin's University; Piero Fassino, President of ANCI (National Association od Italian Municipalities) and Mayor of Turin; Flavia Nardelli, Vice President of Commissione Cultura at the Chamber of Deputees; Mercedes Bresso, Member of the European Parliament; Gianna Pentenero, member of Piedmont Region; Laura Montanaro, Prorector at Turin's Polytechnic; Francesca Sogliani, University of Basilicata.

The School, organised on a reticular model, is characterised by a wide distribution in the national territory of educational centres based in the constituting universities. The institutions participating will share roles, tasks and competences in order to ensure high standards of quality, innovation and educational flexibility in answer to the need of digital competences for preservation and promotion of cultural heritage.
The development of a training offer by the Networked School represents a great opportunity for flexible, customised and collaborative learning, able to supply shared and innovative educational contents and services.


For more information visit Digital Meets Culture and www.diculther.eu


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