EURIDICE (2006-2007)

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Promoter was Project Manager and Technical Coordinator.

Projects' Lifetime: from 2006 until 2007



Project profile

The EURIDICE (European Recommended Materials for Distance Learning Courses for Educators) project was developed with the aim to validate the sustainability of the EURIDICE service, and to establish the basis for its further deployment in the enlarged Union. The service was intended to provide the educational institutions wide source content from cultural heritage sector institutions.

EURIDICE was a combination of technical instruments, content, networking platforms and community of users and providers, who jointly aimed at offering an open environment to the educational institutions in Europe. The educational institutions jointly put in place a common e-learning methodology, targeted to the different sectors they belong to. Each of them customized the access to the content and the application of the common methodology to their own environment. They also were the users of the service. The content providers in the project represented different types of organizations, in order to validate the sustainability of the service for the widest number of content providers who could eventually join the project for its deployment phase.

The EURIDICE services were based on the commonly available Internet technology. The EURIDICE Service consisted of two elements:
• EURIDICE Repository - resource of 10,5 thousand pictures (5000 Alinari Repository, 2500 Copernicus Library, 3000 NDAP);
• EURIDICE-Moodle e-learning Platform;

Advantages of the EURIDICE Service had been:
• Access to unique graphic materials, never published, from resources of cultural institutions;
• Opportunity of making courses for unassisted learning in the web only or blended learning (course study);
• Multilingual searching interface (in Polish also).










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