Indicate (2010-2012)

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Dr. Antonella Fresa is Technical Coordinator of the project on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture (MiBAC).


Project profile

 The INDICATE project is focused on the coordination of policies and best practice regarding the use of e-Infrastructures for digital cultural heritage in countries of the Mediterranean region. This will be accomplished, first, by establishing and nurturing a network of common interest made up of experts and researchers in all the relevant fields. Through the network, the participants can share experience, promote standards and guidelines, seek harmonisation of best practice and policy. Further, the network acts as a conduit for knowledge transfer from countries with more experience of e-Infrastructures-enabled e-culture to those who are just beginning to investigate this area.

A range of research pilots and case studies act as exemplars and demonstrators of the processes to establishing cultural initiatives on the e-Infrastructures platform.

The case studies are:
1. Digital preservation using e-Infrastructures,
2. Virtual exhibitions using e-Infrastructures,
3. Geocoded digital cultural content using e-Infrastructures.

The results will inform a wide-reaching dissemination work-package, including publications, workshops and one international conference. The project builds on a wealth of experience in effective international coordination of digitisation, digital cultural heritage and e-Infrastructures-enabled culture.
A substantial impact is expected on international collaboration and on digital cultural heritage in the Mediterranean region. The dissemination targeting also countries outside the EU, to maximise the value of the project for them, and contacts have already been established with China (Peking University) and South America (red.Clara) with the final aim to establish future factual cooperation with the INDICATE partners on the themes of the digital cultural heritage.




  • Poster "The INDICATE e-Culture Science Gateway" (PDF, 8,6 Mb)
  • Poster "Semantic Search" (PDF, 3,8 Mb)
  • Poster "The INDICATE e-Infrastructure enabled semantic search service" (PDF, 1,64 Mb)
  • Handbook on virtual exhibitions and virtual performances - version 1.0 august 2012 (PDF, 10 Mb) - Arabic language version (PDF, 4 Mb)
  • Best practice for applying research pilots and use case studies to digital cultural heritage (PDF, 6,5 Mb)
  • Indicate Brochure (PDF, 1,5 Mb)
  • Paris Declaration (PDF, 1 Mb)
  • Cultural Heritage & Research without limits (PDF, 2.165 Kb)
  • Poster 70x100 cm. (PDF, 2 Mb)
  • Indicate Fact sheet (PDF, 140 Kb)
  • Indicate Leaflet (PDF, 1.155 Kb)
  • Indicate/Dc-Net Brochure Bejijng (JPG, 1,13 Mb)
  • ASREN Conference in Amman: Virtual Exhibitions Workshop Press release (PDF, 102 Kb) - Dr. Fresa Presentation in Amman (PDF, 1,06 Mb)
  • Indicate Postcard (PDF, 534 Kb)


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